New hotel recommendation form

by cathy.baldwin

If you’ve uploaded a guide recently and not found your hotel recommendation in our database, you’ll have noticed a new form when you manually added your recommendation. It’s slightly different and it’s a little bit longer, but it will ensure your accommodation choice contains all the necessary elements, which could improve the earning potential of your guide.

If your accommodation of choice is already in our database, you can skip this step. If not, you’ll see this box when you come to the hotel recommendation section and choose to “add it now”.

New hotel form

The first steps are easy. In the Name field, enter the proper name of the hotel (not a slang version) using lower and upper case as appropriate. Here, we’re using L’Hotel as an example.

Address line 1 contains the street address, in this case 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts.

If you want to add a neighbourhood/district/suburb, you could do it in Address line 2, or leave it blank as we’ve done here.

Paris is entered in the City/Town/Village field, as you would expect, and depending on your hotel and location, you can fill in the State/Province field or leave it blank.
The Postal code is the post or zip code. Then choose the country from the drop down list.

New hotel form

This next step is important, as it will enable the map facility on your guide – which so many users check before they book - and show where your hotel is located: so hit Pin point address on map. Double check that this location is correct and, if not, drag the pin to the correct location.

Choose the star rating (or leave it blank if the hotel doesn’t feature one), enter the web address and choose the accommodation type.

New hotel form

You now have the option to add an image. This isn’t compulsory but if you have a focussed and clear photograph of the accommodation, feel free to upload it. Exterior is best. Upon successful upload, three text fields will appear; these should be filled in.

New hotel form

Almost there!

From the tick boxes listed, choose what sort of holiday your accommodation choice is suitable for. Up to three is ideal.

Hit save and you’re done.

New hotel form

The accommodation has been entered into our database and you simply choose it from the drop down list as you would do with an existing hotel.