A new dimension

by nick

Simonseeks has had a flying start since its launch last May and we now have well over 2,000 guides uploaded by professional and amateur writers alike. This week we launched a new service on the site based on destination "landing pages" - summary pages for key places such as London and Paris.

We see these as adding a crucial new dimension to the users, supplementing the existing guides, which tend to be full of ideas and inspiration, or focused on a specific theme. They will provide all the practical information users need about getting to and around the destination, as well as detailed and up-to-date reviews of the best hotels, restaurants, and first-class advice on sightseeing and shopping (note that not all the sections will be complete for launch - restaurants and sights will be loaded up soon).

Comments, feedback and links to guides

All these recommendations will be subject to comment and feedback from users, and a selection of links to guides by other writers on these destinations, which are already on the site, will be included. This last is an important point. The new pages are intended to strengthen Simonseeks. They will be an asset which is unavailable on any other site, which will enable us to attract many more visitors, and so greatly increase the revenue we can generate for all our writers.

The experts and destinations

The pages will be run by experts on each destination - nearly all those appointed initially have been Simonseeks writers since we launched, and they are either resident in the relevant city or resort, or they visit several times a year. We are launching with the following destinations: London, Paris, New York City, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Provence, Nice, Monaco, Cannes, St-Tropez and Marseille. But we want to expand our coverage as rapidly as we can.

Can you help?

The key to the expert concept is that it will be strengthened by comments from users and other writers. As well as their normal programme of inspection and monitoring the experts will be alerted to problems experienced by - and advice from - for example, hotel guests, or diners in restaurants. But we need to get the ball rolling. If you have stayed in any of the hotels recommended by one of our experts, please do add a comment to the relevant entry and let them know if you agree with the recommendation, or have any reservations about what they say. You will find the hotels listings highlighted in the left hand column of each of the relevant destination pages.

Let us know what you think. Please leave your comments below.