A new approach from the editors

by nick

Many thanks for all your feedback in the “Quality or Quantity” debate, below. Taking on board those comments, and bearing in mind the need to set standards high, increase the number of guides on the site, and keep editorial costs under control, we have decided on a new approach to approving and editing guides:

a) Those guides which we would have immediately accepted for publication under the current system (about 30 per cent of those submitted), we will continue to edit in the same way. One of the editors will also rate each guide (normally with a score of 4 or 5 out of 5), and add a comment explaining why they liked it.

b) Those which we are currently sending back to the writers for minor revisions will now be published on the site immediately. The editor will add a comment explaining why they think the guide needs improving, and give it a rating (probably of 2 or 3 out of 5). We hope that the writers of these guides will take those comments on board and revise the guide accordingly.

We think that this will mean that at least 50 per cent of all guides submitted will now be published. (Those guides which we feel are not of a sufficiently high standard to be published will continue to be returned to the writer with private feedback from the editor.)  We also plan to revise the rating system so that guides can be marked out of 10 rather than out of 5, though this will take longer to introduce.

We hope that this new approach will ensure that we can continue to maintain our quality standards (a vital selling point for the site), but also make our editing process more transparent. This will make it easier for the readers and the writing community to judge whether or not we are adding value to the guides. If you don’t agree with our ratings, you will be able to comment for yourselves!

We hope to introduce the new system during next week (beginning September 28).