The most weird, wonderful and bizarre restaurants from around the world

by Charlie

For all you foodies out there, we have picked some of the most unique places in the world to eat. From stunning settings to the freakily bizarre, we hope you enjoy them...

Tree house restaurant, New Zealand

The tree house restaurant located near Warkworth north of Auckland was designed by Peter Eising of Pacific Environment Architects. The project was completed in 66 days, using only the Yellow Pages as a resource. It opened in Jan 2009 but has limited opening times from January to February.

The restaurant is suspended 10 metres above the ground in a giant redwood tree. It offers the most fantastic views over the forest; but don't forget to bring a jumper as it is meant to be quite chilly on a evening brrrrr!!! The kitchens are at ground level, so the chefs will send food up on a winch.

What better way to revisit your youth than to have dinner in a tree house? A childhood fantasy come true....

Tree House Restaurant

Tree House Exterior

Tree House Interior

It is meant to be even more incredible when you see it in person. I am sure whatever is served will be a truly magical experience.

Undersea restaurant, Maldives

For those of you that have a fear of diving there is an alternate way of experiencing the sea life, vibrant coral and the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Why not kill two birds with one stone and take in the breath taking panoramic under water views whilst enjoying the delightful Maldivian cuisine? The undersea eatery is the first transparent undersea restaurant in the world situated at the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa on Rangali Island.

Undersea Restaurant

Undersea Restaurant Interior

Undersea Restaurant Exterior

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Taiwan has a chain of restaurants called Modern Toilet that are located around Asia.

Sitting on a toilet and eating from a toilet shaped bowl.... Not a single chair in sight. I am actually speechless. I think this is definitely one for the ones with a much stronger stomach.

Toilet Restaurant Seating

Toilet Restaurant Food

Eating typical oriental cuisine from a toilet bowl.... Perhaps not somewhere to take the kids when potty training!

Toliet Restaurant Ice-cream

Ice cream shaped faeces. Yummy!!!

Bed Restaurant, Miami

This restaurant evokes everything that a bed is meant to. Calming, relaxing and soothing. Tired after work? No need to make an excuse, just sink it to the huge mattresses and numerous pillows and unwind. Eating in bed is slightly weird, because you don't know how often they change the linens but let's be honest, we've all eaten in bed at some point. Not necessarily when we have been ill ...

Bed restaurant

Sky Restaurant, Belgium

A restaurant dangling from a crane in the sky. If heights are an issue this is definitely not for you. The "restaurant" can be driven to any destination in the world for the bargain price of around £10,000.

Make sure you don't drop your fork!

Why not turn an ordinary meal into an unforgettable meal?

Sky restaurant night

Sky restaurant day

Nayotaimori restaurant located in Japan

Nyotaimori is the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. Apparently the food is warmed to body temperature.

Models are trained to lie still for hours, so anyone ticklish would be a definite no!!

Nyotaimori restaurant

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant, Thailand

There are five Cabbages & Condoms restaurants located around Thailand, with the main restaurant next door to the PDA Head Office in Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. The restaurants income helps fund population control and AIDS awareness. There are condoms all over the wall and bloated condoms worn as hats by waiters. The food is meant to be quite normal though.

Cabbages restaurant

Fortezza Medicea Jail Restaurant, Italy just outside Pisa

The Fortezza Medicea Jail restaurant employees are made up of murderers and thieves. Diners have to undergo strict security checks and are subjected to thorough security checks before entering.

Fortezza Medicea Jail restaurant

Dans le Noir dinner in the pitch dark, London

There is a lit bar area in Dans le Noir where you can sip cocktails before entering the dining area, but once you have ordered your food you are led in total darkness. The aim of the experience is to get diners to re-evaluate the notion of taste and smell. It also takes away your judgement so you cannot prejudge your meal or your company. It completely changes the way you act and react. A meal with a twist. Guided by the blind, they become your eyes.

Dans le Noir restaurant

Death Restaurant, Ukraine

Located in the Ukraine. The coffin shaped Death Restaurant called Eternity is the crazy idea of a funeral parlour in the town of TruskavetsIt. It is decorated following a death theme with wreaths and funeral music serenades you as you eat. Very morbid indeed!!

Death restaurant

Death restaurant

Sticking with the death theme is the graveyard-style New Lucky Restaurant in India built over an ancient Muslim cemetery, so you can have a slice of cake and a cup of tea with dead people. Graveyards in India are never scary places unlike over here.

Slightly creepy is the Vampire Café - Tokyo, Japan". This gothic-themed restaurant has the waitresses dressed up in dark French maid outfits and the waiters like the Dracula horror movie.

Vampire restaurant

Vampire restaurant

Closer to home is the The Hellfire Club - Manchester, UK

The building resembling a dungeon, with skeletons, coffins is meant to be haunted so definitely a party with a unique twist.

Hellfire restaurant

D.S. Musical Restaurant, Taiwan

A hospital eatery based in Taiwan where the waitresses of D.S. Musical Restaurant dress in nurses uniforms. Wheelchairs and crutches can be found in the dining area and the toilets signed "emergency room". Drinks are served from I.V. bottles as well as shots from syringes. For those of you that like to play doctors and nurses this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Musical restaurant waitress

Musical Restaurant Drinks

Musical Restaurant Exterior

There is also another hospital-themed restaurant located in Riga, Latvia.

Hospital Restaurant Waitresses

Hospital Restaurant Tables

Robot-staffed Restaurant - Nuremberg, Germany

Yes you heard right - a restaurant staffed entirely by robots. Simply select your meal from a touch screens installed within the table, and it arrives via a spiral slide a few minutes later. You can't get faster than that!! Watch the video here:


Robot Restaurant

Ali Barbour's Cave restaurant near Mombasa is situated within naturally formed coral caves, close to the Beach. The roof opens so you can dine under the stars. The images below speak for themselves. Truly amazing!

Ali Baba's Cave Restaurant

Ali Baba's Cave Restaurant Interior

As always if you know of any more weird restaurants to add to our list, then please tell us your suggestions in the comments below, and we will get them included.