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by Jeanette.Scott

Simonseeks recently announced that the second round of earnings has been paid to writers. If you want to find out more, follow this link to Simon Nixon’s blog.
After the first round of payments we promised we’d showcase a selection of the top earning guides and offer advice on how to make your guide one of the highest earners. We did just that, and you can find it here.
We also promised we’d do the same again, based on some of the top earning guides from the second round of payments. So, here goes:

* They might be two very different cities but Robert Butt and Chris Stokel-Walker have themed their guides around nightlife in Prague and Newcastle and packed in lots of useful, practical information. Take a look at Robert’s guide – Raise a glass to Prague’s anti-stag pub crawl – and Chris’ guide – A night out in Newcastle.
Ideally, guides containing recommendations for restaurants, bars, activities and attractions should, where possible, include contact details. These should be formatted as follows: Eat at the Example Restaurant (Example Street, Exampleton; 01234 456 789; www - don't worry about http etc -

* Once again, the guides making the most money feature some carefully-made recommendations for places to stay. The best examples on Simonseeks offer detail of price, location and trustworthy reasons for booking. A good example is Nigel Tisdall’s Six grand hotels that feel really grand. While it’s not a traditional single-destination guide, Nigel has captured the crème de la crème of Europe’s most fabulous hotels and Simonseeks users have been inspired by it.

* European city guides continue to do well on Simonseeks. London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Venice, Rome – there is such an overwhelming choice of hotels and restaurants on offer in these cities that Simonseeks users are appreciating the great advice writers on these destinations are providing. Anthony Peregrine offers an interesting angle and pitted two European cities against each other in his guide Toulouse vs Carcassonne.
See our blog on ideas for new guides for the cities Simonseeks users want to learn more about.

* The best writers in the world would struggle to produce a comprehensive guide to New York in less than 1,000 words. This is where themed guides are perfect, as capably demonstrated in Rebecca Whybrow’s guide to the London gay party scene and Jim Severn’s advice on How to ride the New York subway.

* Offering advice on saving money is earning money for Simonseeks writers as budget-themed guides yet again feature in our top earning guides. London on a budget by Sarah Todd is a great example of this.

* Our top earning guides feature photographs to inspire readers. In Tempting Tavira: an Algarve gem, another top earning guide, Johanna Bradley has captured the destination with a lens and shared it with readers.
We also found that writers with complete profiles and a nice, close-up profile photograph did well. Perhaps readers trust the voices of the people they can see?

* The point that you don’t have to be a travel writing professional to earn money through Simonseeks should be made once again. Many of our top earners are travel enthusiasts who are using their passion and knowledge to create great travel guides. In fact, the highest earning guide in September was written by a travel enthusiast.

We want all users of Simonseeks to enjoy a completely open and transparent experience and we hope this helps you understand more about guide earnings.
We’ve cut the time you wait for a guide to be edited - we’re currently editing within five days of submission – and we are still experiencing a tremendous contribution from the Simonseeks writing community. But we’re always glad to see more. We recently posted a blog featuring ideas for new guides – take a look and be inspired to write.
For further advice read our travel writing tips and a recent blog about optimising your travel guides. Optimisation will increase the chances of a high ranking on internet search engines. This will help to increase the amount of people looking at your guide.
As always, we’d be delighted to hear what you think. Please leave a comment below.