London's best new ice-cream shop opens in Soho

by Simon Coppock

The weather man says clear today - and, fingers crossed, perhaps for the rest of the week - which is plenty enough excuse for me to tell you about the new Soho branch of Scoop (53 Brewer Street, W1F 9UJ, 020 7494 3082), my favourite London ice-cream shop.

About a month ago, when I dropped into the original Scoop just north of Covent Garden (40 Shorts Gardens, WC2H 9AB, 020 7240 7086, for my regular fix, there’s was a sign up that announced a new branch would be opening, but not when. I’ve been phoning them to ask about it every week since then.

Now the Soho Scoop is open. The premises are plain and feel a bit empty for now, but the ice-cream is still fruity, creamy, rich-flavoured and never less than a treat.

Many people swear by the pistachio, but I’m usually a sucker for a scoop each of lemon and fruit of the forest, a combination so reminiscent of family holidays in Italy I can almost see the chewing gum card of Paolo Rossi, hero of the 1982 World Cup, we got as change in a wayside petrol station instead of about three million devalued lire.

Anyway, this is what £2.80 of joy looks like. One scoop of melone, one of amarena (a kind of slightly bitter cherry). And forgive the terrible quality of the photo - it isn’t easy to take a snap while you’re busy scoffing London’s best ice-cream.