Horses, sweat and blisters in Chester

by Jeanette.Scott

Sales of blister plasters and crates of booze rocketed...and every third woman had a strange feathery creation on her head. It can only mean one thing - race day in the city of Chester.

The horses weren’t the only ones sweating at Saturday’s Roman Day event; the hot weather meant sizzling skin and shiny brows on the thousands of race-goers at The Roodee – Britain’s oldest racecourse.

Last week a sales assistant in Boots told me that sales of packs of blister remedies rocket in the week before race day – and there were plenty of sore-looking feet emerging for a breather from towering high heels on the day.

The air in Chester really does hiss with tension and excitement during race events – The Roodee and York’s offering are the only racecourses actually within cities – and the streets are awash with glamorous revellers before and after the big event (including myself and fellow ed, Cathy Baldwin; check us out here:

And just like the sale of sore-feet remedies, hotel prices and demand also soar for race events, so book well ahead.

There are still tickets for this summer’s race events. See for dates and prices. You can also follow the racecourse on Twitter - @ChesterRaces – for all the latest information. The next event is ladies’ evening on Friday June 25, followed on Saturday 26 by the Midsummer Meeting.

It’s a great day out, enjoyed by old and young, drunk and sober, gambler and non-gambler. I’m not particularly well-versed in the art of gambling, but clearly winners’ luck was on my side and I walked away (on sore feet) with £250 winnings.