Home or away?

by EmmaP

When I was younger we used to holiday in the UK rather a lot, I have great memories of cottages in the Yorkshire Dales, exploring rock pools in Scotland, horse riding up mountains. I’m not so sure, but I feel like the summer weather has got distinctly worse since becoming an adult (or maybe my childhood memory only stored the sunny happy times and decided to blank out camping trips in the pouring down rain). Regardless, it would seem sometimes one of the main reasons to leave our beloved little isle is to get a good dose of vitamin D. Like many Brits I seem to be increasingly concerned with the weather, and the main reason is (for me at least) is the lack of being able to forward plan.

Putting the dreaded weather to the side for a second, Britain is a fantastic place to go on holiday. Beautiful national parks, diverse landscapes, culture, history, world class cities; we have a lot to write home about. Gone are the dark days of food, with pubs up and down the breadth of the land turning up the quality with a great emphasis on freshly sourced local ingredients. Even camping has taken a turn into luxury with the onset of glamping, no need to do it yourself when you can stay in a yurt or even better a ye olde gypsy caravan. Why not go on holiday in Britain? There are many reasons to holiday in the UK you don’t have to save all year, not to mention keeping your carbon footprint down, and supporting the economy. But then, the weather issue rears its ugly head again, but we Brits are used to being resilient and increasingly the tourist industry is catering for indoor activities as well as out.

Also bad weather builds character. Thinking about this topic has reminded me of a time when our tents literally got blown half way across the field in a blustering storm, and it’s memories like these that you just don’t get in paradise. There is something poetic in having a truly ‘British’ holiday and I am all for it. You never know the weather just might play ball too. For some real inspiration check out the following guides, the UK has so much to offer and an adventure on your doorstep may give you more than you expect.

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