Great travel content could go flaccid

by RickMadden

Will David Cameron’s plan to block internet porn be damaging to those interested in yak penises (or is it Peni, or Penes - where are our Editors when we really need them?)

The word Penis used to appear prominently on our tag cloud when Sally's World's Strangest Delicacies blog became a bit of a viral hit.  In fact, a quick look at our Analytics stats and surprisingly (worryingly?), even though the yak penis appetite has decreased we still receive hundred of visits from people searching Google for phrases containing the word, including a handful searching for the specific term "egg fried rice penis" (well, what else would you have it with?).

So when I heard David Cameron's speech about the proposed default family friendly filters last month, I did wonder what it would mean for those of you who stumbled upon our site by searching for such male copulatory keywords.

According to the Open Rights Group, who have set up a petition to block the move, not only would you not be able to feast your eyes on the 'Dragon in the Flame of Desire' (below), it would also be harder to find advice on sexual health, sexuality and relationships.

So, whilst you're still able to freely search the site for penis without the fear of sharing a cell with a 1980's pop star, why not check out our other phallus inspired content:

Happy searching folks...


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