Give us your tips

by Jeanette.Scott

So the Spanish are the worst tippers, according to a new survey. I would have put good money on the Brits claiming the title.

Apparently about 80 per cent of Spaniards don’t bother with gratuities when they’re on holiday. I’m surprised by this, yet I don’t know why. The survey also revealed only one in four Brits research tipping custom before they visit another country. I must confess I’m quite haphazard in my tipping research, sometimes I check, sometimes I guess.

Personally, I go with a (probably conservative) 10-15 per cent for good service wherever I am in the world, apart from in the US, where 20 per cent is deemed to be more acceptable (my only exception to this would be for truly terrible service – waiting too long, a downright rude waitress, or a waiter sneezing in my food, for example).

What are your thoughts? Tell us where you are, what you tip and why.