Editorial policy and new community moderators

by nick

After a year of excellent progress, which has seen many hundreds of new guides submitted and published on the site, as well as the introduction of expert coverage to key destinations, we have decided to make an adjustment to our editorial policy.

From this week, we will reduce the amount of editorial intervention and give a greater role to the community - the writers and users of the site - when it comes to rating and commenting on the guides.

Our editors, Cathy and Jeanette, will still read all guides which are submitted to ensure they meet the required quality threshold. They will also add the crucial links which enable the guides to earn revenue. Those which fall short of the threshold, or which are missing key elements, will continue to be returned to the author for revision.

At the same time we want to encourage the community to become more involved in rating and adding comments to those guides which are published. Our Chester-based editors - Cathy, Jeanette, Fred and Nick - will obviously still be free to continue to comment and rate from time to time too.

We are hoping that some of the most active members of the community may want to take on a semi-formal role as "community moderators". The title will be added to the by-line of those who are willing to visit the site regularly and comment and rate newly-published guides.

Would any guide writers who would like to take on this title please leave a comment below or email us at editorial@simonseeks.com.