Discovering Paris the best way, would that do?

by Sals2

Paris is called the city of lights for its incredible presence at night. The French capital is well known worldwide for its scintillating night life & never ending rows of cafes, restaurants, pubs and so much more at every corner.

But as any true Parisian will tell you, the beauty of the city of lights can be truly taken in, during daytime. During the day, locals and tourists alike will walk around admiring the breathtaking architecture of monuments such as Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and so much more.

Being someone new to the city, one can ride around the whole town and also pass by areas you could not visit or spend enough time - all with one of the Paris hop on hop off buses. Alternatively taking the Metro may not be such a good idea, since the names of the train stations might be alien and since you're underground you don't see what’s passing by. Comparatively, taking the buses is easier since it’s a well thought out route (covering all major monuments and places) and the frequency of buses operating is very high.

Speaking of happy places, who can forget the existence of the happiest place on earth? Disneyland in Paris is a treat for both kids and adults alike. Anyone can easily purchase Disneyland Paris tickets online and be on your way to a great time, without having to go through the cruel long lines one has to endure. It has been one of France’s most visited and loved attractions for tourists all over the world. It opened in 1992 and receives more than one million visitors each year.

The theme park itself consists of three main attractions: the rides, hotels and other attractions such as live shows, shopping and golf courses. The hotels are within a short distance of the park itself, with free shuttle buses available to guests and even special early passes to get into Disneyland Paris before the crowds arrive. The hotel accommodation ranges from five-star luxury to family lodges, but each one has excellent amenities and a lot more activities to keep the kids entertained when the park has been shut for the day.