Cruising Around Europe

by R.Bridger

For those of us who want a relaxing holiday where everything has been organised for us, a cruise is the perfect holiday type. Around 34 million passengers annually take advantage of the stress free cruise option and thanks to the much more varied length of cruises available, this figure continues to increase. In the past, people assumed all cruises lasted for months at a time but there has been a shift in recent years. You can of course still head off on a 2 week or month long cruise if you wish but many companies now offer mini cruises that can last a week, or even just a few days. These are especially popular within Europe and so many of the major European countries are neighbours and are only short distances apart. If you fancy taking a look at Europe from a different perspective, a cruise is ideal, here are a few of the most popular destinations.

The Baltic Sea is an incredibly popular cruise destination thanks to the mystery that surrounds it. Located in Northern Europe and enclosed by the Danish Islands and is considered the largest salted body of water in the whole world. Up to 45% of the Baltic tends to be covered with ice during the colder winter months rendering some ports unreachable, so Baltic sea cruises often take place during the summer time. With plenty of imperial treasures dating back to a time when the Vikings first came to Europe coupled with such vast natural scenery, there is so much to see on a Baltic cruise.

 The Balitc Sea Cruises

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The Mediterranean Sea is a fantastic cruise destination if you are looking for some winter sun. During the summer seasons, it’s not unusual to expect temperature of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. So as you can imagine, the mercury is still high during the spring and autumn months too. Since the Mediterranean was always such a strategic sea all through history, a lot of the cities were captured by diverse armies who have all left a portion of their way of life as history. A few of the most well known areas which the cruise liners visit are Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Venice and Malaga. It really is a really distinct way of looking at areas compared to arriving by aeroplane and staying there.

Cruising around the Mediterranean Sea

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For something a little cooler, why not try a cruise along the Norwegian fjords and take in the amazing views of this UNESCO's World Heritage List, Voted by National Geographic Traveler's Magazine as the most popular of all World Heritage sites. Most cruises visit Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, surrounded by 7 mountains and 7 fjords. The tranquil Norway will astound you with its many small and colourful wooden villages, towering heights and relaxing waterfalls.

Cruising round the Norweigen Fjords.

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A European river cruise is perfect if you wish to experience fantastic weather, tasty food and the rich culture of the countries you visit. You will always remember the wonderful views which you can get while on the liner. Take a look at the Canal Boat Burgundy and discover one of the most beautiful regions of France.

If you're looking for more information about river cruising, here's a site that should prove helpful. has pages and pages of information about river cruising in dozens of countries, as well as descriptions of the major cruise companies and suggestions to help you keep in touch with the people you left at home. There's also a page (The Billboard) that lists many travel reservation sites and links to specialists in travel related accessories. This page has proven so popular that it now has its own

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