In Croatia no-one can hear you scream

by dicko

...that's because it's 6:30am and the noise that the hotel staff are making drowns out all other noise - even screams of frustration as I try to sleep off the previous nights prodigious wine consumption! I've noticed similar comments on 'that' hotel review site whose name I dare not mention (the one with the slightly scary owl logo). I spent last week in Croatia, dividing my time between walking and snorkelling on the beautiful island of Mljet, people watching in Dubrovnik and dodging Russian prima donnas in Buda (on a quick sojourn to Montenegro).

That opening paragraph was mostly tongue in cheek, I can thoroughly recommend Croatia and Montenegro as a prime destination for some well needed R&R. Despite the amount of walking I did on Mljet I've still had to let out a notch out on my belt which is testament to the quality of their sea food restaurants - generally I'm not a sea food fan and previously eating anything with tentacles would have resulted in a strong gag reflex. Now an octopus salad holds no fear for me.

When I've caught up on my sleep I'm going to be having a stab at writing my first guide to see if I can get passed the site guardians - or editors as some of you may know them as! Anyone that thinks I'll be able to sneak it under their radar is sorely mistaken, Nick and his team are like hawks striving to keep the site quality high, if you haven't read or commented on Nicks post on Quality or Quantity take a look and have your say.

I just need to find a muse now to get the creative juices going.