Cool and crazy couloirs

by RickMadden

Charlie has written some incredible blogs recently, in what looks to be the start of a regular “Amazing” series... covering beaches and waterfalls, even some frozen waterfalls. However, seeing as the ski season is about to start and I am an avid boarder, here’s my own version... Crazy Couloirs (def: A broad mountain gully, usually prone to avalanches!)

First up is one that really verifies the above definition. I’m not sure where it’s from but I’d say there’s a slight chance of an avalanche occuring here... wouldn’t you?

Couloir Avalance

Second on my list is from the 7-Laux area in IsereRhone-Alps. Look at the dot in the middle of the picture, nope it’s not a rock or a tree... it’s just some crazy French dude!

Les-7-Laux, France

If you fancy trying that for yourself (you must be crazy?!) Les-7-Laux is only half an hour from Grenoble and you can use the Kayak widget thingy at the side of this blog to check out prices and availability - BTW we’ve yet to get any guides on Les-7-laux resort, so if you’ve been please share your experience and write a guide.  You could even win some cash in the process.

This next one is Grizzly Peak in Marmot basin, Jasper National Park, Canada. It may not look as steep as the last picture but it still looks pretty grizzly.

Grizzly Peak, Marmot, Jasper National Park, Canada

Again, our guides on Canadian ski resorts could really do with bolstering so, if you want to share your own travel experiences, have a go at writing a guide and earn some cash - maybe even win a slice of the 20k we're giving away.

Now, how about this great pic of someone tackling the Joel Couloir in the Dolomites. It looks as though it gets pretty steep down there but the ground cover looks pretty good. Still, imagine trying a turn in such a narrow passage!

Joel Couloir, Dolomites, Italy

And finally, it wouldn’t be a list of couloirs without having one from the Mont Blanc range... so how about Couloir Gervasutti, Mont Blanc Du Tacul. I’ll let the image speak for itself!!!

Couloir Gervasutti, Mont Blanc Du Tacul, Mont Blanc, France

Crazy fools.

So, what do you think? If you find some more impressive pics like this, post a comment below and I’ll get them added in. I also want to cover some cool extreme skiing and boarding videos in my next blog so do give me a shout if you know of any good videos I can use.