Club La Santa - a healthy Christmas break?

by RickMadden

So, it’s your first day back in the office and it’s undoubtedly been occupied by people comparing the amount of food they have consumed over the last 2 weeks and proclaiming their New Year fitness regimes.  This year however, I’m one step ahead of you all.  You see, whilst everyone was tucking into their turkey dinner and watching the Queen’s speech, Advocaat in one hand and mince pie in the other, I was trudging up a hill in the blazing sunshine on a 15k run, which was followed by a 25k cycle ride.

The reason for this is that I decided to skip the Christmas frenzy this year and head off into the sun. A friend is currently training for an Iron-Man Triathlon and invited me along to Club la Santa in Lanzarote, the number 1 sports activity resort in the world. If you haven’t heard of the Iron-Man before, it’s a 3.8km swim followed by a 180km bike ride followed by a 42.2 km run!

I must say I was apprehensive at first. I like to think I’m reasonably fit and healthy, I do a bit of running and cycling, but aside from some moderately competitive mountain biking 15 years ago, the thought of mixing it with professional sportsmen and women was a little daunting.

When we arrived at Club La Santa I was pleasantly surprised.  The resort attracts a good mix of people.  Of course there are the serious professionals focussed on their winter training, such as the Danish swimming team (complete with strapping female coach berating them on every stroke), some bloke from the Finnish Olympic cycling team with a physique like a racing-snake (he past us on the up-hill to Teguise as if we we’re cycling backwards) and a Belgian women's beach volleyball team (no comment).  Jenson Button was also there recently.

However, the majority of visitors were no different to ourselves, enthusiasts looking to fill their holiday doing something active rather than just lying around on the beach all day.  The people I met included those wanting to kick-start their fitness regime for the first time (taking classes and instruction before hitting the local gym as they felt a little intimidated – the instruction at Club La Santa is often included in the price), a couple of amateur cyclists escaping the miserable British winter weather and a guy in his 70’s recovering from a recent hip op.  There were also lots of families happy to relax by the pool whilst their kids were tiring themselves out trying every sport you can imagine.  Honestly, not a minute goes by without there being something to get involved in.

In fact, there’s so much to cover it really does justify a simonseeks mini-guide of its own, which I hope to write soon. How on earth I'll keep it within our optimum 800 word length I don’t know (i guess this is where the EDs writing tips will come in handy).

Needless to say, I didn’t break any records when it came to running, swimming or cycling, but I did do well at the "proper" sports..... pool and mini-golf!

Overall a great alternative Christmas break where you come back feeling better and healthier than when you left, which is something most of those sharing the return flight from Lanzarote who had been on a drinking holiday to Puerto Del Carmen can't share!