Changes to the 'Make It Happen' section

by RickMadden

As you may have noticed, the hotel recommendations in the Make It Happen section are looking a little different; we are now able to show the hotel image and links to more photos, descriptions, maps & amenities.

The worry we have in doing this is that we're seing some really good hotel recommendations that are not covered by our Partners, particularly hotels and hostels in some of the more far out places you guys have been to!  So unfortunately, not all of our hotels are showing photos and instead we show a "photo coming soon" image.  Overtime, as we partner with more hotel providers, the number of photos and links will increase.

Remember, if you can't find where you want to recommend on our site then when you add it, try to include the website address - at the very least this will show a link to your recommendation so visitors can see for themselves why you think it's a great place.

We hope you like what we've done so far, we're already seeing an increase in the number of people clicking to check prices, so it's clearly more noticeable.

Let us know your thoughts...