Born to be Wild

by EmmaP

There is a certain wayward, romance associated with the American road trip. Synonymous with freedom and adventure – it is the travellers equivalent of the American dream. Culturally we owe a lot to this stretch of tarmac. It is instilled into our psyche almost, through legendary literature, film and music. Imagine the scene, swish convertible, hood down, miles of open road before you, sense of adventure in the air... Little wonder there is so much popular culture dedicated to the topic. Last October marked the centenary of the original American highway which connected New York to San Francisco. There are (obviously) many routes to take now, and I feel planning is nearly as much fun as getting behind the wheel. So sit back, make a suitable playlist and let some of our guides give you an insight into the ultimate American adventure.

Travelling coast to coast on a USA road trip

Neon to nature: the USA's spectacular southwestern states

A grand driving break in America

Fun in Flagstaff: get your kicks on Route 66

Need more inspiration?

Reading list:
On The Road - Jack Kerouac.
Blue Highways - William Least Heat-Moon.
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson.

Track list:
Key to the highway – Big Bill Broonzy
The Passenger – Iggy Pop
Born to be wild - Steppenwolf

Film list:
Thelma and Louise
Easy Rider
Bonnie and Clyde