Blissful city break to Florence… with Children

by Sals2

Italy is a fantastic family destination; it’s a country which boasts vast and dramatic landscapes and can accommodate many type of tourism. From skiing in the Alps, to sunbathing on the Amalfi coast, there are plenty of holiday options to choose from. Whilst a city break may not be the most obvious family friendly options, the Tuscan capital may surprise you on how much a small city such as Florence can cater for all ages.

Food glorious food
Ok, so this one is more Italy wide than Florence specific, but seriously - ask any child to list their favourite foods and you can guarantee ‘pizza, pasta and ice cream’ will feature somewhere in their list. The beauty about Florence (and the rest of Italy), is that there are pizzerias, restaurants serving child friendly portions of pasta and gelatarias everywhere! So that’s already one big plus for Italy, no worrying about the cuisine...

Even if you’re on a family holiday, you can’t come to Florence and miss out on the opportunity to admire firsthand all the wonderful museums, art and religious buildings. Luckily, quiet a few of Florence’s main attractions are family friendly.

Florence’s centrepiece, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as the Duomo), stands out tall and proud amongst its neighbouring buildings. The white a green colours and grandeur of the Duomo’s exterior will (hopefully!) be enough to make your children intrigued and curious as to what’s inside. Once you’ve made it in, a climb to the top of dome will tire out even the liveliest of kiddies. Challenge them to count the number of stairs you have to climb to reach the top. (FYI, just so you can relax on your way up there is exactly 463 steps!)

Apart from the Duomo, there’s also Michelangelo’s collection of nude statues (which no doubt your kids will find pretty funny, but hey, at least they’re smiling!), and the stunning Ponte Vecchio - where at any age you’ll be charmed by the small jewellery shops selling marvellous gold and silver jewellery pieces which inhabit this ancient bridge.

Fun for kids
The Museo Galileo (formerly the Institute and Museum of the History of Science) is situated in the heart of Florence and offers a unique hands-on learning experience of the history of science. With many exhibits designed to be enjoyed and understood by all ages, both you and the kids will love admiring the various collections of scientific objects through the ages.

Stress free accommodation
When travelling as a family, a good night’s sleep and a comfortable space where you can really relax are essential ingredients to a stress free and successful holiday. If you chose to rent one of the many apartments in Florence you’ll no doubt enjoy taking advantage of the homely comforts that come with staying in an apartment. Such as being able to cook dinner from home, or having a living room where you can watch a family film together. With more space and privacy, a holiday apartment is the perfect family friendly accommodation.