Amazing frozen waterfalls from around the world

by Charlie

Previously we looked at some truly amazing flowing waterfalls, but what about some truly amazing frozen waterfalls? Believe it or not, running waterfalls can actually freeze, and when they do they form weird and wonderful shapes. Most only freeze for a short time making them rare events, so these photographs are even more spectacular.

The Fang in Colorado is aptly-named. This incredible pillar of ice shaped like a giant fang forms during very cold winters and is a popular local attraction. At up to 50m high, The Fang has been measured at 8ft across. As you can see from the photo, it's a popular challenge for climbers.

The Fang

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Ice-climbing is a popular, although dangerous pastime. Albert Leichtfried and Markus Bendler found this out the hard way when climbing a frozen waterfall near Hokkaido, Japan. This incredible picture shows the instant the frozen cascade broke off, just feet from where the men were climbing.

Ice Climbing

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A slightly less dangerous route was taken up a waterfall in Banff National Park, Canada. You don't realise how big this frozen waterfall is until you see the tiny climbers near the top.

Climbing a waterfall

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Another mammoth ice climb can be found in South Fork Valley, Wyoming. Called 'The Testament', this pillar of ice is 180ft high. For the extra fear factor, you should know that the frozen waterfall is only attached to rock at the top - most of the ice is suspended in mid-air.


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Iceland has its fair share of frozen waterfalls including this one which cascades directly into the mid atlantic ridge which passes through the country. Standing in front of the waterfall you are actually between the North American Plate on one side and the Eurasion Plate on the other.

Iceland frozen waterfall

This frozen waterfall near Turnagain Arm, Alaska looks like something straight out of Narnia. It may not be very large in size, but it's certainly one of the most magical places in our selection.

Turnagain Arm

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The most weird and wonderful shape is probably this ice tube. The waterfall is freezing from the outside in, so that water still flows inside the ice.

Ice Tube

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The most famous frozen waterfall has to be Niagara Falls in North America, which has frozen over at least twice in recent history (1848, 1936 and possibly 1912). Tourists flocked from miles around to walk along the frozen falls, even collecting souvenirs from the riverbed.

Niagara Falls

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The Partnach Gorge in Bavaria is a beautiful place year round, but in winter the rushing water freezes into spectacular shapes.

Partnach Gorge

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Montmorency Falls in Quebec, Canada is a popular attraction with locals when it freezes over in winter. An ice cone forms at the bottom, so far reaching the enormous height of 126ft.

Montmorency Falls

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A different kind of frozen waterfall, Hierve al Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico has formed over thousands of years from 4 hot springs that flow over the edge of a cliff. The water, rich in calcium carbonate, evaporates leaving behind an amazing natural rock formation.

Hierve al Agua

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As always if you know of any more frozen waterfalls to add to our list then please add your suggestions in the comments below and we will get them included.