The Allure of Cannes

by EmmaP

Oh to be part of the glittering elite that frequents the annual Cannes Film Festival. To move in those glitzy circles of red carpets and celebrity endorsed hedonism. Unfortunately for us mere mortals we will probably never experience the decadence side of Cannes to its full extent, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go and get our slice of the pie.

Cannes, once a sleepy fishing village in the South of France became transformed by society’s biggest playboys back in the 19th century. It is a destination that has oozed glamour ever since. Right now the 67th Cannes International Film Festival is taking place, so Cannes once again effortlessly glides into the international spotlight. The film festival started after the Second World War and now is one of the biggest and best in the world. Let’s be honest; the South of France just seeps effortless glamour, something about France just ramps up the sexiness of everything. I am not into the glamorous lifestyle per se, but if I was to fantasize the one place I would like to be is in the French Riviera. For me Cannes screams nostalgic glamour, a long time ago I interviewed a photographer who used to go and take photos of the stars in the 60’s and the picture he created has stayed in my mind ever since. Who wouldn’t want to hang around with the Beatles and the Stones on a yacht in the glittering Med?

Nostalgia for a time before I was born aside, and forgetting the stars for a hot second, there is such allure to this part of the world that it is little wonder that it is a highly sought after tourist destination. Pristine beaches, beautiful countryside and of course the food makes Cannes and its surrounding areas a great place for a holiday. One that can be quite affordable if you avoid peak season, and opt for hiring a gite, rather than staying in a swanky hotel. We have some excellent guides on this part of the world and Expert recommendations from renowned journalist Anthony Peregrine. Take a look and get some of the best tips out there.

Cannes: beyond the red carpet

The French Riviera - peace & seclusion near Nice & Cannes

Cannes without the crowds

Unfortunately, unless you are one of the privileged few with accreditation for the festival, you won’t be able to hang out with the stars and attend the swanky parties, but for celeb spotting and being in a place where the streets are heaving with people to be seen, movie directors, film producers and not to mention the stars; Cannes is undoubtedly the place. And the great thing is – anyone can submit a film (whether you will get in is another matter, but there’s no harm in trying, you never know, it might just be worth it…).