2014 Detox

by EmmaP

Now all of the festivities of Christmas and New Year are over it is that time of year when detoxing and rejuvenating is high on the agenda. Here are 5 great picks for a detox, whether it is the body or the mind these places are well worth a visit in 2014.

The Eco Theatre, Bali, Indonesia.

The Eco Theatre is a brand new establishment and only opened its doors a few months ago. It is so new, in fact that it doesn’t even have a website, so you need to consult their Facebook page for more information. Their general premise is to promote eco-tourism in a gorgeous setting. The accommodation is constructed almost entirely from bamboo and the concept is home stay – so you can make friends along the way. Bali is renowned for its eco-friendly resorts and retreats, and this one looks like it’s going to be a winner in 2014.


Treetops Treehouse, Devon, UK.

Sticking with the theme of wooden structures, this enormous treehouse in Devon is the perfect place to stay if you want to combine Robinson Crusoe fantasies with a spot of decadence. Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a treehouse? Maybe it’s not the place to detox in a traditional sense, but it is certainly a place where you can ‘detox’ your mind, relax and regress into childhood adventure. It’s also quite luxurious too, with an extra special playroom for kids. If you just want to find the kid in yourself, it’s great for an adult weekend getaway too.


The Yoga Farm, Costa Rica.

I can’t write a blog on detoxing and not mention yoga. Yoga retreats are of course the perfect places to concentrate on one’s body and train one’s mind. The yoga farm in Costa Rica, combines both yoga and surfing in a sustainable environment. Yoga in the morning, surfing in the afternoon, all in paradise… simply bliss.


Radium hot springs, Canada.

The name may sound a bit toxic, but Radium Hot Spring are packed full of so many minerals that it can only be a good thing. The water is clear, inviting and contains silica, magnesium, sulphate, fluoride, calcium and bicarbonate. Perfect for a rejuvenating soak, to wash away aches, pains and the stress of daily life. If you are feeling a little active after Christmas indulgences, you can also combine your trip with a spot of skiing.


Dragon Hill Spa South Korea.

It’s hard to find a place to relax, unwind and detox in Seoul, but here is a sanctuary from the madness. Of course it still boasts neon flashing lights in unwanted places, but in general it is a place of calm. You can detox and boost your blood circulation in one of the outdoor ginseng pools or simply curl up on a heated Ondel floor and take a (most likely) well deserved nap. Body scrubs and massages are available, plus there is a games arcade and cinema you can visit too.