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New York City recommended hotels

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Broadway Hotel and Hostel

3 star hotel

The best hostel in New York City, bar none.

Prices from £14.74

Gershwin Hotel - exterior

Gershwin Hotel

One of Manhattan's best bargains.

Prices from £26.34

Bar at The Jane

The Jane

3 star hotel

One of the best bargains in Manhattan in one of its most charming neighborhoods.

Prices from £50.00

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Marrakech Hotel

3 star hotel

A modestly priced Moroccan-themed hotel far from the tourist throngs.

Prices from £50.64

The Pod Hotel

Pod Hotel

3 star hotel

A concept hotel that actually works, with small rooms but great touches.

Prices from £56.00

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Hotel Indigo Chelsea

3 star hotel

Hipsters and 20-something travelers will enjoy this funky New York City hotel.

Prices from £58.33

Room in the Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

4 star hotel

Hands down New York’s trendiest spot in the burgeoning media district.

Prices from £60.00

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NU Hotel Brooklyn

3 star hotel

A chic alternative to Manhattan hotels.

Prices from £74.36


On The Ave Hotel

3 star hotel

Comfortable, minimalist rooms for couples looking for cleanliness and affordability.

Prices from £75.00

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The Solita Soho Hotel

3 star hotel

A miniscule but affordable Soho hotel.

Prices from £78.21