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Naples recommended hotels

Courtyard area

Hotel Piazza Bellini

3 star hotel

Stylish, elegant hotel close to buzzy PIazza Bellini.

Prices from £46.61


Art Resort Galleria Umberto

4 star hotel

A super-stylish four-star option in the heart of Royal Naples.

Prices from £50.00


B&B Megaron

Reasonably-priced gem in the central of Naples.

Prices from £50.00


Decumani Hotel de Charme

3 star hotel

18th century Neapolitan palace with 21st-century trimmings. A fabulous mid-budget option.

Prices from £58.47

Babà on the house

Chiaia Hotel de Charme

3 star hotel

Spend a night in a former brothel in Naples' Chiaia district.

Prices from £65.25


Parteno B&B

Friendly and refreshing b&b on Naples' Lungomare.

Prices from £67.80

Pompeian room

B&B Chiaia

Charming b&b in Chiaia, Naples, with a little bit extra.

Prices from £77.97


Costantinopoli 104

4 star hotel

Boutique hotel offering a taste of luxury (and a pool) in the heart of Naples’ centro storico.

Prices from £105.93

Reception area

Romeo Hotel

5 star hotel

Naples’ newest five-star hotel has plenty of wow factor.

Prices from £117.80


Hotel Excelsior Naples

4 star hotel

Old-school grand hotel on Naples' seafront with every luxury you can think of.

Prices from £127.12