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St-Tropez recommended hotels

Hotel B. Lodge - large bedroom

Hotel B. Lodge

3 star hotel

Zebras, aeroplanes, bicycles - and (for St Tropez) reasonable prices, too.

Prices from £73.00

St Tropez (J-L Chaix, Ville de St Tropez; droits réservés)

Hotel Le Mouillage

3 star hotel

A family-run place with a Provençal smile on its face ...

Prices from £91.00

Terrace, Pastis Hotel (MN Kunz)

Pastis Hotel

4 star hotel

The discreet charm of the (Provençal) bourgeoisie - as interpreted by British designers.

Prices from £159.00

Pan Deï Palais - hammam

Pan Deï Palais

5 star hotel

Slip into the luxury embrace of an Indian princess ...

Prices from £161.00

Church tower, St Tropez (J-L Chaix, Ville de St Tropez; droits réservés)

Hotel La Mistralée

4 star hotel

Star hairdresser's former home now the perfect stop-over for sleuths and sloe-eyed beauties.

Prices from £173.00

La Ponche district of ST Tropez - JL Chaix (droits réservés)

La Ponche

4 star hotel

"For God's sake, girl, cover up" .. the hotel owner said to Brigitte Bardot.

Prices from £218.00

Kube Hotel bedroom - Design Hotels™

Kube Hotel

5 star hotel

Forget the marketing drivel - the Kube is not only very hip but also surprisingly likeable.

Prices from £218.64

Byblos Hotel, St Tropez - M. Jolibois

Le Byblos

5 star hotel

In the centre of town, at the heart of the legend ...

Prices from £285.09