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Nice recommended hotels

Hotel Le Petit Trianon

Hotel Le Petit Trianon

Small, perfectly-formed and well-placed.

Prices from £58.47

Hotel Windsor - garden restaurant

Hotel Windsor

3 star hotel

Art, parrots and excellence - we have lift off.

Prices from £61.02

Bar & breakfast room, Hotel Grimaldi

Hotel Grimaldi

4 star hotel

Guests from across the world, panache from Provence, charm from England.

Prices from £65.25

Suite terrace, Hotel La Pérouse

Hotel La Pérouse

4 star hotel

A place to propose marriage. If she (or he) refuses here, dump them and find someone else.

Prices from £68.64

Private beach, Hotel Méridien

Hotel Méridien

4 star hotel

If it's good enough for the French president ...

Prices from £76.27

Hi-Hotel - happy bar


4 star hotel

Terrific - a hotel created by people who have never heard of hotels before ...

Prices from £86.44

Villa Les Cygnes

Hotel Villa Les Cygnes

3 star hotel

Birdsong and old-world charm in a leafy location.

Prices from £90.00

Hotel CityBlue La Malmaison conference suite

Hotel CityBlue La Malmaison

3 star hotel

A warm breeze of cool blows chintz away.

Prices from £114.00

Boscolo Exedra - restaurant

Boscolo Exedra Nice

5 star hotel

Clearly, one of Nice's brightest new hotels ...

Prices from £120.00

Palais De La Mediterranee Hotel Nice - lobby

Palais De La Mediterranee Hotel Nice

5 star hotel

Demolishing reputations: palace hotel emerges from chequered past to charmed present.

Prices from £120.34