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Cannes recommended hotels

Hotel Le Romanesque – the Marie-Antoinette room

Hotel Le Romanesque

For those with more romance in their hearts than money in their pockets.

Prices from £41.53

Hotel Cybelle - bedroom

Hotel Cybelle

1 star hotel

A night in Cannes - for the price per person of a round of drinks.

Prices from £46.00

Hotel Idéal Séjour - garden

Hotel Idéal Séjour

Where the quieter people go.

Prices from £46.61

Bedroom at Le Mistral

Hôtel Le Mistral

Count the pennies, and your blessings.

Prices from £50.00

Hotel Alnea - exterior

Hotel Alnéa

Shock! Cannes does good value - not to say 'cheap'!

Prices from £50.85

Hotel Splendid surrounding area

Hotel Splendid

3 star hotel

A touch of old-fashioned finesse in a world of brutes.

Prices from £59.32

Hotel Le Canberra - bedroom

Hotel Le Canberra

4 star hotel

Discreet, unassuming and provocative in pink.

Prices from £61.02

Hotel America - lobby

Hotel America

3 star hotel

America, land of the... well, not 'free' but extremely reasonable, all the same.

Prices from £63.56

Hotel Vendôme - restaurant

Hotel Vendôme

3 star hotel

Like visiting the family, without the inconvenience of having the family there.

Prices from £67.80

Hotel Cavendish lobby

Hotel Cavendish

4 star hotel

Elegance and free drink: the house guest experience.

Prices from £88.14