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Hong Kong recommended hotels

Superior Room

Anne Black YWCA Hong Kong (The)

1 star hotel

The phrase “cheap and cheerful” could well be embroidered on the bed spreads.

Prices from £21.19

Beach View

Silvermine Beach Hotel

3 star hotel

Beach in front, mountains behind: but yes, this is Hong Kong.

Prices from £29.68


Hotel Ibis North Point

I Bis – therefore I am. No surprises, and no super tax either.

Prices from £35.37

Cafe Lounge

Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus

3 star hotel

Forget the “Not tonight, Josephine” gags: this hotel’s well priced and well laid out.

Prices from £40.89


Bishop Lei International House

For what we are about to receive…may we all be truly thankful.

Prices from £53.34


Traders Hotel, Hong Kong

4 star hotel

Sexy in the city – we’re talking ambience rather than erotica.

Prices from £53.83

Aerial View

The Salisbury YMCA Of Hong Kong

3 star hotel

Five-star location, but three-star prices. If that.

Prices from £58.86


Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin

4 star hotel

Forget Victoria Harbour – the views are here, half way to China.

Prices from £70.07


SkyCity Marriott Hotel

4 star hotel

That’s not a plane on the horizon, that’s your golf ball.

Prices from £72.63

Bubble Chair


4 star hotel

Go EAST young man, woman, child – or indeed anyone with a yen for something different.

Prices from £72.96