Suzanne King (Editor)

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About me

Part of the Simonseeks editorial team, I've been involved with the site since the early days, commissioning and editing literally hundreds of guides ready for launch. Before that, I was travel editor of Grazia for four years, and at various times during my 20+ years in journalism I've also looked after the travel pages for publications including Cosmopolitan, Woman's Journal, Olive and Source. As a freelance travel writer, I've contributed features to a wide range of titles, from The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday to InStyle and Radio Times, and am currently travel editor of John Lewis's new Edition magazine. For many years, my travel style was dedicated penny-pinching backpacker (I co-wrote a book called The Backpacker’s Bible, now in its fourth edition). These days, I’m more of a wheelie case and credit card kind of girl - but I still can’t break the habit of carrying assorted medical supplies, torch, playing cards, sewing kit, toothbrush and hip flask with me at all times, even if I’m just going to the shops. Just in case…