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Born in Gibraltar, my father was in the air force. My life was then spent constantly on the move. I have lived in many places- the one I loved the most was Tobruk in Libya, North Africa where we spent 3 years. My biggest joy is to travel. Money and time dictate when and where I can go- but I have realised that simple back-packing is not solely for gap-year students, but is a wonderful way for anyone, of any age, to see a lot more of a destination ( sitting for 2 weeks on a beach is not for me- unless perhaps its The Maldives !!! )also its a such a good way of meeting people and making new friends. Fellow travellers are more than happy to chat and share their experiences. Get all your information beforehand, take a good guide book, but be flexible and change your plans at the suggestions of other travellers- its much more exciting and you will often be very happy you did so !

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