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About me

It's not about 'me' but 'us'. We are Herman & Yvonne and proud owners of a very special (non-subsidised) botanical garden and maze along Route62 in The Western Cape in South Africa. It's also named (derived from a media publication) Green Cathedral of south Africa and this garden and maze concept is the living proof that a garden and a maze can be very entertaining including story telling and flower tasting. But that's what you have to find out yourself. Just google a bit and we recommend to look into the sites where others write about us (that's the best advertisement) and if you discover our general website; it's where you can find all relevant details such as times, admission fees and, especially PRECISE road directions (thanks to road sign politics of Western Cape province there is no 'brown sign' along the R62 with our name on it ...). Discovering the gems along Route62 is something like a maze ...

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