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About me

I've been a hard news journalist, a guitar salesman, a taxi-driver and the editor of a grand old country newspaper, but nothing is as much fun as being a travel writer. Since I somehow weedled my way into this brilliant job I've written for most of the national newspapers, big glossy magazines, been on radio and TV and written a book. And best of all I've travelled all over the world.

When I'm not wallowing in a luxurious spa pool in Indonesia or summitting a little-known mountain in Scandinavia I'm usually at home with my young family at our ramshackle house in the Wiltshire countryside pruning the laurels or playing football.

Favourite places:
The Faroes
Budleigh Salterton
The Palace at Sun City, South Africa
Vatulele Island, Fiji
Rio de Janiero
The Grand Hotel, Stockholm
The A39 (and a decent car)
The Cinque Terra, Italy

My favourite places

I haven't listed any favourite places yet.