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Officially designated employee number 1 at Simonseeks I’ve been here from the very start. I did a lot of travelling early in my career, not necessarily by choice or to places I would necessarily have choosen, as part of my job with Big Blue. This opened my eyes to the fact that most places, given enough time, will reveal their own unique charm. This could apply to something very local or somewhere further afield, but as the majority of people only have limited time (whether it be on a well earned short break, holiday or a busines trip) finding out about these little gems of interest can be time consuming.

I now find myself working at Simonseeks which gives me the opportunity to work with a great team, which embraces innovation and is always willing to try something different. This in turn has created a site where people can fast-track their knowledge on a particular destination, or get inspired by people with similar interests and experiences - and as they say, this is only the start!

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Definitely not ... the Simonseeks team have been busy putting the next batch of features into place for the benefit of both readers and writers.

They were, but you couldn't answer - writers were keen to answer their critics, but they couldn't. Really, we couldn't believe we'd missed this!