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If I wrote my autobiography, it would be entitled 'Some Cats Live On Townships'. Indeed, while some felines lounge in the lap of luxury, others walk on the wild side peering in at the airport lounge oblivious to the finer things in life. I'm strictly a budget, backpacking, independent traveller and 'meow' am I proud of it. I've been mugged twice, thrown off a train on the border of Belarus and Poland, and even caused a Ferry captain to reverse his boat back into port after missing my stop (nice ferry man!). I have researched for The Rough Guide books, and written freelance travel articles for TNT magazine but now have a 'sensible' job working as a full-time reporter on a South Wales based local newspaper. But still, I find time to travel and make use of my (nine?) lives in basic, horizon broadening, fashion. Some favourite other places include Barcelona, Edinburgh, London, and Melbourne.