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About me

I have spent four years of my life living abroad (need to get that figure up), 2 years in Virginia, USA and 2 years in Singapore. Both great places but if I had to go back to one it would have to be Singapore, I’ve never been to a cleaner more beautiful country (probably because they are the only place to make chewing gum on the street illegal). My dad has lived in Qatar for the last 8 years, which means I’ve been able to have some great holidays over there; it’s amazing to see how it’s changed from a serene desert to the new Dubai.

I finished university in June 2009 and started working at Simonseeks as a marketing assistant in August 2009.  I am now the Community Manager at Simonseeks which is great because I get to come up with new ways to help build the community as well as getting to know you all!

My recent blog posts

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