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About me

Richard is a travel enthusiast turned professional, who at the turn of the century, quit his career, sold his house in the UK and flew to Cape Town, South Africa where he now lives, works and regularly explores Southern Africa. Born into a safe, traditional family in the North of England, Richard flew the nest at an early age and after the brief shackles of a university education and a meaningless degree, embarked on a career that took him through teaching, consulting and finally into the international events industry. As creator and owner of Travel Concepts and sister Company Wedding Concepts Richard and his team now design, innovative and memorable experiences in Southern Africa, specialising in taking their international customers beyond the obvious tourist trail. Rarely traveling without his golf clubs, Richard is also passionate about food and wine, plus finding and exploring those little places that are hidden off the normal tourist path but make that Southern African adventure all the more authentic. Richard doesn’t see himself as a writer but now constantly updates his blog with some of his favourite places to wine, dine, stay and play in South Africa.

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