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Since travelling the lengths of the UK as a child on family holidays, I have taken advantage of foreign trips, activities and jobs whenever they become available. I am a keen skiier, having enjoyed many a holiday in France, Austria and Italy I am always on the look out for adventurous slopes to try. Working in northern France for three months during one summer, I came accustomed to the local culture and taste and look forward to visiting whenever possible. Now, working at allows me to spend my days doing something I enjoy whilst being inspired for future trips.

My recent blog posts

For a great winter break, there’s nothing that appeals more to some of us than packing up and heading to the snowy pistes ready for a few days skiing or snowboarding.

Surrounded by magnificent mountains, pleasant beaches and fascinating heritage, North Wales offers plenty for everyone for that perfect short break.

If you’re looking to get away from the icy chill and forget about limited hours of daylight, head abroad this winter.