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I'm a Canadian travel writer who is influenced by Lonely Planet, Larry David and '80s movie montages. I'm also an unabashed Anglophile (pubs, TopShop and marmite - love the whole package) and aim to spend at least three months a year in Britain.
You can check out my website, ( and I also make fun travel videos on YouTube (

I miss childhood.
Santa still existed. An ice cream could make an entire day. And there were really cool lunchboxes.
But furthermore, have you ever witnessed a kid get wide-eyed over a bug, a puddle, or dust hovering in a stream of sunlight and think to yourself: "wow, how did I go from being THAT lively creature to a cynical grump who needs a bottle of red wine and a Jude Law movie to even get a pulse happening?"
I guess that's why I love to travel, because it takes me back to that state of wonder when every sight, taste and smell (good, bad, fish market in the sun, etc) is a feast for the imagination.
Sometimes repetition tugs at us like a heavy, relentless anchor. And we might wonder whether our mental playroom is empty now.
Heck, no!
Just ask the kid you used to be. You can find him or her OUT THERE.