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Are you born a traveler or do you become one with time and experiences? Finding out the answer is my life quest. Why? Because I highly suspect there is no right answer, yet for me to come close to one I need to make traveling a priority. 

I'm a medical student, therefore broke, and every penny I save is destined to buy me a low cost plane ticket, pay me a cheap bed in a cool Hostel and slice of pizza for dinner somewhere in Europe. That's right, no money to go further than that for now. But there's so much to do here... Europe goes way beyond Czech Republic and Poland, and the further the cheaper! I have visited 29 European countries, each has teach me something new. While I may not be the best person to tell advise you on Island Hopping in the Caribbean, I might be useful pointing out a good (and cheap!) Balkan Route by the Mediterranean. So let's see what I can do.

Travel on!