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I have travelled to many different countries and love the experience of every place I have visited. It is so difficult to choose my favourite place but South Africa, stays in my memory as being possibly one of the best holidays on the both occasions I have been. My husband and I stayed in a rented lodge on a golf course, which had its own Hippo Pond, near to the Kruger National Park. We had a weekly pass which enabled us to drive into Kruger Park on our own every day. It was such an experience to see the many animals roaming free, but the most memorable was seeing the female lions walking along the road and literally walking in front of our car unperturbed by us, as they were just intent on finding their next meal. The one occasion a rhino decided to charge towards us, we quickly put the car in gear and made a hasty exit, I certainly didn’t like the look of him. Hermanus was also another South African experience that I wouldn’t have missed, as you can view the whales as they come near the shoreline with their young to frolic and play. The first time we saw a whale perform by leaping out the water was really unbelievable and you just couldn’t capture it on a photo.

I love everything about travelling; the culture, the food, the different sights and smells. I also love the sun, so a bit of sunbathing is always on the agenda, although I have also experienced some really cold weather and if my memory serves me right, New York at New Year was the coldest I have experienced.