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Nancy Lyon's travel adventures began on her 13th summer when her mother, a bored and restless Indianapolis housewife, hauled her four young daughters into the family station wagon and drove off to Acapulco - with no man, no plan, and no Spanish! Nancy has tried to top that rollicking rite of passage ever since, with North American road trips in a yellow 1970 Volkswagen camper "Dame Gitane," a busking-with-Celtic-harp tour of Europe on which she dragged her Mom, and larks from Tunisia to Malaysia, Egypt to Ireland and Australia, and in between. Nancy's first travel piece appeared in the New York Times in 1973, and when the Times featured her article on California's Death Valley in an advert to promote its travel section, she was hooked on the genre. Nancy's work has appeared in British and Australian magazines, GEO, New York Magazine, Ms.,Travel & Leisure, The Saturday Review, the Chicago Herald Tribune, the Miami Herald, In Dublin Magazine, the Montreal Gazette, and U.S. and Canadian alternative newsweeklies. The Toronto Star called her book Scatter the Mud: A Traveler's Medley, "impressive...with prose by turns as frenetic as a Galway barroom jig, or as balefully evocative as the most mournful Celtic ballad." After lives in in Manhattan, San
Francisco, Switzerland, Dublin, Montreal, Quebec, and the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York State, Nancy now abides in Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands, where she uncovers odd
Scottish things for with her piper-hubby Gordon Mooney.

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