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Hello, my name is Michael Smith, I am 20 years old, and I currently study Journalism and International Politics at Worcester University (boring, i know, but dont be put off, my travel debarcles are much more interesting). I've been writing for SimonSeeks since June '09 and the aim of my travellers blog is to provide fellow travellers, and particularly other student travellers, with an interesting and hopefully helpful guide to the tourist attractions I have visited. My claim to fame as far as travel world is concerned is that I have met Mr. Michael Palin at Bradford media museum. The editor of the magazine I briefly worked for interviewed him and took me along to meet the man himself.

I have been travelling at home in England and abroad with my family since before I can remember and around 4 years ago I began travelling on my own & with friends!

In the last 2 years I have visited Madrid countless times and the Spanish capital has become something of a second home to me. I often fly over to watch my favourite football team Real Madrid and usually stay over a few nights either side of the game to see the sights and enjoy the nightlife in the city. As far as my travel expertise goes, Madrid is most definately my most knowledgable area and I am here to help with any information about the Spanish capital that you may need. The city is undoubtably one of the best nightlife experiences around and ranks high against the best of my many messy nights out in a wide array of cities.

I aim to travel very economically, such is the student budget, so I often stay in hostels and often travel on foot when i'm out and about the various attractions. If you're also a student and looking to travel on a shoestring budget but at the same want to see all the great attractions on offer then my blog will always contain great tips for getting around, cheap but good accomodation (I do have some standards for sleeping even as a student!) and also the best tips for eating out on a budget and saving money for the all important nights out!

I have also travelling been on student style trips to Dublin for the 250th Guinness factory anniversary - with LOTS of beer tasting and FREE beer! Geneva - on a general trek across Switzerland whilst eating lots of coussants and meeting lots of Swiss bankers. Benalmadena - for lots of clubbing and sunshine. As well as other holidays to Egypt, Croatia and I also went to Tubingen in Germany on an exchange trip in October 2008, where I helped a Bradford based radio station cover the festival for broadcast.

Essentially, although i'm a student doing lots of student activities, i'd still like to think that other older travellers or travellers with other interests, can read my travel guide and take something from the information. I do like to view the sights and culture that places have to offer, the Picasso museum in Madrid happens to be one of my favourite travel memories, I often spend time looking around the resorts and cities during the day and then party hard at night! So I hope my guide will be of some use to you, whatever your travellers taste may be. Happy reading and happy travelling!