Mel Lewis

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About me

After spending most of my life travelling no farther than Brittany, I met Catrin who unleashed the travel monster which had been lurking inside me. We just love to travel, along with our son Rhodri. In the past ten years we have been to the parks of Arizona and Utah, Cape Verde, Canada and Kenya as well as the countries of Europe. Italy, particularly Umbria, remains our favourite. We try to blend into the locality wherever we go, preferring self-catering so we can shop with and eat like the locals. There are still so many places we want to see and if we ever tire of new places, then Rhodri will ensure we keep going. Our list contains Galapagos, New Zealand, China and the Far East, back to Africa and, well, just about anywhere really. At least until the money runs out! My ultimate dream is to win the lottery so I can take my whole family, children and grandchildren of course, somewhere special and stay for a month.

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