Mary Murtagh

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About me

I've clocked up visits to 76 countries in 12 years as a journalist - now I've just the 119 others to go.
I didn't have a passport until I was 12-years-old but I've made up for it since.
My job as a regional hack took me all over including Dubai, Finland, Japan and all over Europe.
Now I'm a freelance journalist I intend to do some serious damage to the remaining curly-edged pages in my passport.
My favourite places are the Shetland Isles for its unspoilt beauty, Savannah, Georgia, USA, for its gentility and tasty cornbread and Zimbabwe for the kindness of its people.
I love saunas in Helsinki, dim sum in Hong Kong and climbing in the Lake District.

My favourite places

I haven't listed any favourite places yet.