Mark Pettitt

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About me

I am one of those incredibly fortunate people who has managed to turn what was a childhood passion into a career, and I have spent the last 14 years of my life working as a professional dancer.
During this time I've toured the whole of the UK including the West-End, I lived in Canada for 14 months where I worked as a teacher & choreographer, and I spent 8 years traveling and performing on cruise ships.
I've visited 5 continents including Antarctica, I've scubadived off the coasts of Mexico and Argentina, I've white water river-rafted in Costa Rica, have swam with dolphins, flown over the Nazca Lines in Peru, taken a dip in the Dead Sea, been pulled on a sled by Huskies in Alaska...infact, my adventures have been far too many to mention!
I still have the traveling bug and there are still a thousand places I long to journey to, but in the meantime, perhaps I can pass on a little of my experience to anyone who wishes to read.

My favourite places