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About me

I have a background in business having run a small chain of shops with my husband before turning to writing about 25 years ago. I decided to concentrate on articles when the short-story market changed to the “Ten-minute read” and from there I began to specialise in Travel Writing. My writing has been published in most of the nationals, a lot of consumer magazines and most of the Inflght magazines of the major airlines, and recently I have entered the field of web writing as well. During this time I won various prizes and also the Lady Violet Astor Award for Best Published Journalism. I hold an M.Phil and a BA in history and most of my travel has centred around the historical aspects of a place. I also teach travel writing for Malaga Workshops in Spain once a year and I am often a guest speaker at writing workshops in the UK.

Favourite places – Top of the list has to be Thailand to which I have been going since 1973 and I try to spend at least two months a year there. It’s a good place from which to launch trips to neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, to all of which I travel regularly. In Europe I tend to favour Spain, Italy (especially Sicily), Sweden, Germany, and France but I have visited most of the continent. As I was born in Northern Ireland and still visit family there, I know the area very well, especially Belfast and the area of the Mourne moutains, and I know the southern states nearly as well as the North.

My favourite places

I haven't listed any favourite places yet.