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About me

I am a South African-born painter and author based in the Maam Valley of Connemara, Co. Galway (West Coast of Ireland). 1 October 2010 saw the opening of my art gallery, working studio and framing studio (The Painter's Palette) in Moycullen, ten minutes drive west of Galway, and I'm lucky to have two terrific assistants who will hopefully handle all the admin-type stuff while I happily paint and write and travel!

I've travelled fairly extensively throughout Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia - and of course most corners of South Africa) - having lived in KwaZulu Natal (born a Durbanite and spent a decade in Pietermaritzburg), Gauteng (in the then Pretoria) and the Cape Province (Cape Town and Greyton). I still hanker after the smell of dust, the colours of an African sunset and the wildlife ... but feel incredibly fortunate to now have the opportunity to live in a cool climate where the sun rises and sets in a different part of the sky, the stars look different, the smells and colours are vastly different, and Europe is just across a puddle or two.

In 1997 I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in New Zealand (Christchurch) and Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) - not nearly enough time though to really get a feel of the place.

Since settling in Ireland, and having travelled around most of the island, including exhibiting my paintings in and visiting Northern Ireland, I've spent wonderful weeks (a couple of times each) in Italy, Spain, Holland, Scotland, Wales and England with little touches into Belgium and France. As I write this (November 2010) I'm sitting in the Portuguese Algarve with the crickets playing their music outside while I chat to my daugher (by email) about her wedding which is set to take place in Slovenia in December 2011. I know there's a week in Scotland to be fitted in during February as well ..... how heavenly it is to have itchy feet!

And I'm still planning on visiting Malaysia for an exhibition and painting tour ......