Lise Griffiths

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About me

I am a studying Psychology graduate and a travel ENTHUSIAST! I travel with my husband Richard and sometimes with my travel-appreciating friends! My travels take different forms, such as road-trips, city visits, rural retreats and active pursuits.

Before I travel: I love to do my research! I like a surprise so I don't look at too many pictures but I really like to know what there is to do etc, so that I don't miss out on anything amazing! I also love to learn a bit of the local langauge, even if it's just 'please' and 'thank you'. I am also currently learning French as a second language.

Whilst Travelling: I love photography, skiing, rock-climbing, and kayaking, and I would love to learn to surf one day. I also love visiting natural places and just seeing amazing scenery. I enjoy city visits, my favourite aspect being history and food (I'm not fat but I deserve to be).

When I get home: Since I have travelled around a bit I have really enjoyed experimenting with the foods I have tasted. I like to cook rostis, dauphinoise potatoes and lots of pastas and sauces! I also love to paint and I create artwork inspired by my various travels to keep the memories alive and put a personal interpretation on my experiences.

My travels to date include Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Aruba, US, Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland amongst other European countries and many diverse areas of the US.

My best times:

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, seeing northern lights in Iceland, seeing the Arctic snow lit by just moonlight in Sweden, swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii, Swimming in the calmest, bluest sea in the world in Aruba, visiting rural and untouched Fiji and going to a village meeting. There was a chief and everything!