Lisa Francesca Nand

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About me

I am a journalist, broadcaster and writer. My love for travel started with childhood campervan tours all over Europe before the family settled in Spain. Since then I've lived and travelled all over the world, the most reckless move being upping sticks with no cash or connections to Amsterdam at the toss of a coin on the day I left university. I speak fluent Spanish, which has been handy for getting me out of a few scrapes in South America, and good French. You can sometimes catch me on TV and radio spouting random opinions about the lighter-hearted side of the news and of course about travel.

Favourite places
Having grown up in a beautiful part of Spain, I am something of a sunshine girl and love Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Argentina, Uruguay, California, Fiji and southern Europe. Equally, I adore cities such as New York, San Francisco and London. Most weekends I am to be found in Brighton, my spiritual home since the age of 16.

My favourite places

I haven't listed any favourite places yet.