Laura Millar

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About me

I am a single, thirty-something woman with a love of travel, food, and film. I've spent the past 12 years as a journalist, and I've been lucky enough that my job has taken me all around the world. Born and brought up in Scotland, I was dragged around the Highlands most weekends from an early age, which was definitely too young to appreciate the amazing scenery. My mother is French, which means I was also dragged around most of France from an early age, though thankfully the amazing food meant I appreciated my surroundings more there...I have an obsession with Italy, a passion for cooking and a slight fear of flying. Which thankfully has never hindered my desire to visit new places (especially when flying Virgin Upper Class. I mean, if you're going to crash, it might as well be while you're reclining on a flat bed, holding a glass of champagne, right?!).
Favourite places: Almost anywhere in Italy, but particularly Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast; New York, especially Brighton Beach and Coney Island; Edinburgh's New Town and Jenners department store; Vancouver; San Fransico; Las Vegas; Miami, particularly South Beach and Jerry's Famous Deli on Collins Avenue; Postman's Park and the Wallace Collection, London.

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